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What is PTBG?


"Game Design Curriculum Whitepaper 2.0" is out, completing the 2017-2018 project by our Bydgoszcz-based chapter

15-01-2019 21:36

The curriculum design project explores the possibility of creating a universal game design core curriculum, flexible enough to be either a component of 3- and 4-year degrees or the core of 1- or 2-year programmes. Its focus on game designer’s versatile skillset should make it applicable to technical, artistic, management, education, and humanities-based degrees. It is a non-profit academic project run by the Games Research Association of Poland and endorsed by Game Industry Conference . The project is based on 5 years of experience with GAMEDEC: Game Studies & Design at Kazimierz Wielki University (UKW) in Bydgoszcz, launched in 2013. The previous version of the The Game Design Curriculum Whitepaper 1.1 (2017) included: ● Game Design Core Curriculum (Ver 1.0) (Chapter 1) ● a sample B.A. programme (Chapter 2) co-authored by Dr. Mochocki and Piotr Milewski M.A. (Kazimierz Wielki University staff; GRAP members) ● feedback (Chapter 3) from a team of Gamedec.UKW students who found employment in games, now being able to assess games-ed programmes from both perspectives. This version (2.0) reprints the 3 original chapters, and adds: ● Chapter 4: Survey Feedback to Game Design Core Curriculum: responses to the Core Curriculum from 20 professionals from game dev and game academia ● Acknowledgements


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