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New members of the forum

PostNapisane: Wt gru 19, 2006 4:38 pm
przez Augustyn Surdyk
All new English speaking users of the forum are kindly requested to present here short introductions including their professions, education, research interests, publications, hobbies etc.


PostNapisane: Śr maja 25, 2011 10:05 am
przez Noe Nitot

to present myself a little bit, my name is Noe, and I'm really passionate about board games. I came to Warsaw in January 2010 to develop board games in Poland and create a place to play board games. :)
I've been working around games for a few years in different countries. My best wish is that all people can play board games together, and discover one another, learn about culture, gain knowledge, through games. For exemple, to discover African culture playing AWELE is really good, to learn about geography and history TICKET TO RIDE is great, to master speaking and imagination I'd recommend DIXIT.

I created a place for playing board games in Warsaw (available in English, Polish, and French).

Apart from that I studied "art therapie" with the specialisation cocerning clowns, theatre, muppets, and music, and right now I do some muppets or clown shows, and board games workshops in different schools, for families and institutions in Warsaw.

Playing is the sunny side of life, where useless but so necessary things bloom - Alex Randolph

Re: New members of the forum

PostNapisane: Cz maja 26, 2011 12:17 am
przez Augustyn Surdyk
Welcome to GRAP forum! Please feel free to initiate new discussions, take part in the the existing ones and participate in all other association's activities. Visit us on Facebook ( ... 03?sk=info), check out our publications ( and feel invited to our forthcoming conference in Poznań, Poland: